Are You a Victim of Your Weight?

By: Wendy Hearn

Do you feel your weight is out of your control? Do you find yourself thinking you'll always be overweight? You're probably right! I don't mean to be really brutal here, but we are what we think. The thoughts you have towards your weight and health will most likely show up as the results. This line of thinking is because we feel like a victim. Although we may not do this deliberately, until we change our approach, this is not likely to change. This 'victim' syndrome can show up in thoughts and statements such as "It doesn't matter what I do, I never lose weight", "I've always been like this", or "I was overweight as a teenager" and "Having children meant I put on weight and I can't lose it now."

Although it may seem to you these statements are correct, they're only correct in as much as you feel a victim and you feel unable to do anything to change this. The reality is that you can change whatever you choose. You own your life and you can do with it whatever you want. This point seems to be missed by so many people. I also feel that it's at the heart of many people's struggles with their weight. When you change these statements around and ask yourself pertinent questions such as "What can I do today which will move my weight loss forward?", or "What do I need to do to be a healthy adult?" and "What changes can I make to my lifestyle so that my children and I become healthier?" Asking these types of questions moves you from being a victim to taking ownership of your own weight and health. When you take ownership you're more able to seek changes you can make, rather than accepting the status quo.

What do you hear yourself saying or thinking because you feel a victim? How can you turn this around to assume ownership? Taking full responsibility for your life, health and weight will free you up to take the actions necessary to change, enabling you to achieve the results you really want. When we become victims, we give away a lot of our personal power. This leaves us feeling helpless to do anything about our weight and health. When you reclaim your life and take full responsibility for it, you'll bring back your personal power. Having your own sense of personal power is one of the keys to successful weight loss. I'm not talking about power over other people. I'm talking about the kind of power you feel within yourself. The kind of power which says "I can do something about this", or "I can go for a walk each day" and "I'm ready and willing to make changes to be healthier". This kind of power doesn't need other people around to continually motivate you. It's a power that's deep within you.

Moving away from being a victim to owning your life is a very liberating experience. It boosts your self esteem and confidence, and leaves you feeling happier and more in control. Is it easy to do? I would suggest not. It will take time and practice, but it's very simple and a habit to build on. If you catch yourself saying or thinking something which labels you as a victim, ask yourself how you can turn this around to take responsibility, enabling you to move forward positively. The more you practice this, the easier it will become. Be gentle with yourself. This process isn't likely to happen overnight and each step you take, is a step nearer to the successful weight loss and health you're seeking to achieve.

Wendy Hearn | Weight Loss Success Coach Author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight"

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