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Mistaking Hunger

There are many daily food encounters: friends offering food, a maitre d’ describing dessert, the smell of popcorn in a movie theater, to name but a few. Acknowledging the visual and emotional blitz helps interrupt the knee-jerk reaction that causes you to eat even though you’re not hungry. Just knowing you are not hungry most of the time is a helpful piece of information.

What Might Surprise You About Childhood Obesity

The formula is pretty straightforward: energy in/energy out. This is the term nutritionists use to describe the intended balance between calories consumed and calories burned. If the level of physical activity is not great enough to burn the amount of calories taken in, weight increases. If this imbalance continues, overweight and possibly obesity result.

The Bi-Partisan War on Fat: A Skeptic’s Approach to A Growing Problem

I note with interest that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an entity of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), just discovered a new crisis in our midst. Not content merely to battle terror, drugs, smoking, mental illness, and a host of lesser maladies, the federal government is turning its attention to a new plague: obesity. It is true, of course, that many Americans are too heavy, with recent studies indicating 65 percent of the population overweight. Nor can we deny that many citizens lead unhealthful lives, the result of a sedentary lifestyle combined with consumption of too much of the wrong foods. This brings us to the real question: What should our nation do about it?

Childhood Obesity

The problem is, once a child is obese because of these adult-made decisions, the odds are pretty much stacked against him. Not only are behavior patterns, like eating and physical activity habits, established in childhood (educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom contended that 90 percent of an individual’s habits and traits are set by age twelve), but long-term studies have also shown that excess body fat tends to persist throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Low Carb Food List!

Whether it’s Atkins, Beach diet, or one of the many other low or no carb diets you are practicing, low carb food lists become necessary to living day-to-day with your diet.

Controlling Food Portions for Weight Loss

Just learning what a serving should be is a great first step for you if you’re beginning a weight management program. Eating smaller portions of the same foods you’ve always been eating may be the best “baby step” to take in order to lose weight.

The High Cost of Being a Couch Potato

It’s no surprise that the self-image and self-esteem of overweight children are generally quite poor. And this is only exacerbated by the teasing and ridicule of their peers ? a situation that, in these post-Columbine days, can result in much more than hurt feelings. Even if children aren’t tormented into taking their frustration out on others, they may well take it out on themselves. In 1994, an Associated Press article told the story of 11-year-old Brian Head, an overweight child who shot and killed himself as a last resort against the ridicule of his classmates. Growing up can be difficult enough; growing up feeling isolated can be too much to handle.

How To Get Past a Weight Loss Plateau

Everyone who has ever been on a diet has hit a plateau at some point. It is that point where no matter what you do, you cannot seem to lose any weight. I myself have hit many of these and I am going to give you a few ways to blast through your weight loss plateau.

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