Weight Loss: Tolerate only what you want to

By: Wendy Hearn

What are you putting up with, thatís making losing weight harder than it need be? The chocolate which calls "eat me", the lack of time for exercising, or the foods which aren't enjoyable.

Each time I walk into my kitchen, I see the chocolate sitting there looking at and calling me. It's the children's chocolate and although it wouldn't normally bother me, because I see it so often it adds to my desire for some chocolate.

This is a typical example of something you're giving in to and it's getting in the way or holding you back from losing weight. This added temptation puts more pressure on you. Although it may seem a trifle, it's often these small things which make losing weight harder. You may not even be aware of all the things you' re enduring. When we want to lose weight, it's often thought we need to make big changes but that isn't always the case. Sometimes, it's making small changes consistently which gives you results in the long term. When you're putting up with things, this zaps your energy and your ability to achieve what you want. Because some of these things are small, it's often thought they don't matter much. I hear many people saying, "Oh, it doesn't matter, it's only a small thing." But these small things count and until they're handled, they could be standing in the way of your successful weight loss.

When I accepted that I was tolerating this constant reminder of chocolate, the solution was simple. The chocolate needed to be put in a cupboard, where I didn't see it all the time. It felt great to walk into the kitchen and not be tempted. I went back to having chocolate only when I wanted it.

You can identify what you're putting up with, if when you see or think about something you feel a slight drop in energy levels. A sense of ugh and a small niggling in your mind. What type of things could you be giving in to? The chocolate the children have left lying around which you feel tempted by. The time you' ve allocated for exercising which is getting eaten up by other people's needs. The lack of foods you find enticing or interesting. For the most part, I find it's too easy to accept this is the way things are and to forget we have choices. You can choose to do something about the things you're enduring. First, I encourage you to identify what you're giving in to which prevents you losing weight and getting healthier. I suggest you grab a pen and paper, and make as long a list as you can. Include anything you're tolerating connected to;

Identifying these things is a great first step towards dealing with them. Your awareness will be increased and when you're ready, you can start taking the steps forward to eliminate or reduce them. Decide on a plan to deal with them. Perhaps you could work on one and then move on to the next, when the first one's completed. Or, possibly you could deal with one each day. I encourage you to handle these as and when you feel ready and able. I suggest asking yourself the following questions. What do I want this to be like, ideally? What will it take to achieve this? What do I need to do differently? What do I need to ask for?

What I want for you is to eliminate all you're putting up with, to make the route to weight loss and good health easier.

Wendy Hearn is the author of "The Top 10 Things That Stop YOU From Losing Weight" http://www.PositiveWeightLoss.com

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