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Great Arts And Crafts Ideas

Holidays are a great resource for project ideas. In addition to jack-o’-lanterns, this Halloween you may also want to try fabric witches or papier-mache skeletons. When you’re trick-or-treating this year, take a look at what your neighbors have created. Most people skilled at making their own decorations are eager to share what they know, and appreciate their talent being recognized.

Getting Your Kids Involved In Arts And Crafts

Time and again it has been shown that children who practice arts and crafts develop on a much faster rate than those who are engaged in more passive activities, such as watching television. The manual dexterity and level of concentration required for creating an object are much more useful in the real world that the skills necessary to operate a video game console.

How To Make Your Own Printable Invitations For Any Occasion

Even with modern technology like email and cell phones, printed invitations have remained the most common way to let people know about your upcoming party and will continue to remain popular due to the timeless rules of party etiquette. Invitations can be a major cost, especially for large parties, like weddings and some baby showers. However, with a little creativity and time, you can make your own printable invitations, even if you have no artistic skills.

How To Make Personalized Candle Gifts From Ordinary Candles

If you are looking for a fun gift to make for any occasion, then personalized candle making may be something you would like to consider. There are many ways to make personalized candles, depending on how much time and money you are willing to spend. With just a little extra time and effort, you can make a personalized candle out of an otherwise ordinary candle gift that the lucky recipient will love.

How To Make Your Own Refrigerator Magnets

There are several types of refrigerator magnets that you can make with a little effort and the right materials. Below are some ideas for making magnets for gifts or just for fun.

8 Simple Tips for Taking Great Baby Photos

Taking pictures of your new baby is a great way to preserve life long memories. Baby pictures can also make great postcards, keepsakes, or baby shower gifts. Here are some simple tips to get great baby pictures.

Vellum Birth Announcement

Making your own birth announcements can be very easy and rewarding. By using vellum, you can announce the birth of your baby while also personalizing the announcements with a picture of your new bundle of joy. Here’s what you need to make your own vellum birth announcement.

Easy Crafts: Anybody Can Do This Soap Stuff! Even You!

This is a fun way to “dip your toe” into soap making! Just grate up some pure soap and remix with water to make not only kid gifts, but some nice little guest soaps as well.