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Teens Take It to Court: Young People Who Challenged the Law—and Changed Your Life

Young people don’t have the same rights as adults do. For example, they can’t vote, and they aren’t afforded the same liberties as adults. But as Judge Tom Jacobs discovered, that doesn’t mean they can’t influence the laws that affect them.

Food Lover’s Guide To New Jersey

A small guide to a lot of the food paradises available in New Jersey written by a native.

From Tagine To Masala

Travel on a gastronomic journey through the Middle East and learn about the wonders of Arabian cuisine in this great little cookbook by Mike Harrison.

Wacky Races The Complete Series

The Wacky Races are simple, no frills cartoons filled with clean comical relief. You won’t find high tech video technology, but you will find clean humor and a few laughs as Dick Dastardly tries ever- so-hard to win the races with schemes that always backfire. And you can’t help but find yourself giggling every time his dog, Muttley, snickers because Dastardly’s scheme has once again backfired.

Festive Picnics

With summer at hand, what a wonderful way to celebrate the season than to have a picnic or barbecue. With Festive Picnics, you get more than just recipes, but also decorating ideas with theme events!

The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion: The Essential Cookie Cookbook

If you enjoy baking cookies for your children, your church, Christmas presents or just because, then the only cookbook you will need is this one!

The Jamlady Cookbook

The Jamlady Cookbook is a very thorough reference guide for canners, gardeners, chefs and new cooks. It provides mouth-watering photographs, hundreds of recipes for jams, preserves, jellies, and many other homemade products.

Generation S.L.U.T.

Generation S.L.U.T. is not for everyone. Some readers will find the fictional story as literary pornography, while others will appreciate its fresh candor on the sex lives of today’s teenagers. No doubt, if a reader were to consume only certain parts of the book, many different descriptions could be made of it. However, its sum total is a truthful and necessary message for parents, teenagers, and educators. Marty has taken the veil off of a once secretive subject, and has served it as a full course meal to the unaware, and uninitiated. The book maintains a status of being for everyone, yet it’s not for everyone. If you have a strong stomach, much like the kind needed to hear stories about surgery or bathroom mishaps at the dinner table, then you’ll be able to handle this book.