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Buy Nothing Day

On November 24th and 25th — the busiest days in the American retail calendar and the unofficial start of the international Christmas-shopping season — thousands of activists and concerned citizens in 65 countries will take a 24-hour consumer detox as part of the 14th annual Buy Nothing Day, a global phenomenon that originated in Vancouver, Canada.

Why Grown Men Don’t Eat Quiche Or Go To Counseling

It has been my experience that many men have an underlying set of beliefs that run counter to the notion of pursuing personal counseling. What is it that makes many adult males experience an adverse reaction to the concept of counseling? What holds men back from a process that has the potential to provide support, nurturing and emotional healing?

Top 5 Reasons Why Video Games Can Be Bad For You

Video games are bad for you, but not for the reasons you might think. They’re not bad for you because they’ll make you violent—because they won’t. However they are bad for you for other reasons. Here’s a semi-serious, semi tongue-in-cheek look at the top 5 reasons why video games can be bad for you.

To TV or Not to TV? That is the Question

I’m nervous about this leap—I feel like it plunges us into a universe that we haven’t been a part of in years. We never know what shows people are talking about—we don’t base our conversations about what happened on some series that we are addicted to. I have always taken great pride in the fact that we have no idea who is on what reality show and who they are “voting off” or if Friends is over. I like that my life consists of real events that matter to us immediately—not abstractly.

Giving Up Cable Television

My children cried when they realized they could no longer watch their favorite television shows, but soon learned that wholesome videos can cure their withdrawals in a moment’s notice. But more importantly, they’ve gotten off their butts and started enjoying more physical and bonding activities.

Another Murder, Another Bar of Soap

When tragic events occur on television, people are often more titillated than disturbed. There is a degree of excitement that one experiences seeing and hearing about events involving rape, murder, and war.

Patriotic Shopping

A Number of pundits and politicians offered Americans a simple solution to the helplessness and anxiety they were feeling in the wake of the September 11 attacks: Go shopping!

Ricky Dean Fisher’s Olympic Rant

I’m a quitter. I’ve given up on the Olympics. Each day that the Winter Games continue, I’m thinking I like Major League Baseball more and more.