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How To Protect Yourself From Phishing, The Most Dangerous Kind Of Spam

Spam is one of the curses of the Internet age. But if the clogging of mail boxes with useless emails was bad enough, unsolicited emails aimed at tricking you into giving your valuable passwords, banking and PIN numbers is the most dangerous variety of email that you will ever encounter. This kind of email is known as “phishing” because the unscrupulous authors of these messages are fishing for valuable information which they can use to capture your online identity.

Recycle Cell Phones

What many don’t realize is that in many cases, the materials used to construct cell phones are toxic. Toxic elements found in many of today’s cell phones can include arsenic, in semi-conductors and lead in the solder material. While the materials in a single phone are minimal consider the number of discarded cell phones in the relatively short time the technology has been available. The placement of these devices in landfills will cause long lasting damage and harm to the environment.

How to Get Rid of Spam

It seems like email addresses and spam go hand in hand – you can’t have one without the other. Although it’s practically impossible to get rid of spam, there are ways to reduce and manage how much you receive in your Inbox.

Buying a Home Computer (Mac vs. Windows)

One of the most daunting tasks for many families is buying a home computer. There is the stress of trying to find the right computer, getting everything you want on it, and not spending too much.

Internet & American Life: Teens & Their Friends

Many American youth say that Internet communication, especially instant messaging, has become an essential feature of their social lives. For them, face-to-face interaction and some telephone conversations have been partially replaced with email and instant message communication. Relationships that once might have withered are now nourished by the ease and speed of instant message exchanges and email messages. Romantic relationships are begun and ended online. Difficult conversations with friends are now mediated by the emotional distance the Internet provides.

Don’t Lose Your Money

Is it safe to purchase products on the internet? Depends upon your viewpoint and how you make the purchase. If you follow safe purchasing practices, it is perfectly acceptable to buy goods online. If you don’t, then your money may be at risk.