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End the romance with chemicals: Live in a chemical free home

I’m trying to end my home chemical romance.  It’s not easy, but these tips Ruth and Bob Haag might help.

Getting Started With Your Home Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, you can imagine the enjoyment you’d receive from converting that dusty, weedy dead space into a green, relaxing environment. No matter what your climate, it’s possible to create a lovely home garden that with regular, low-level maintenance will continue to thrive and provide you with pleasure.

Add Home Gardening To Your Lifestyle

Planting and maintaining a garden in your home is one of the best hobbies that any of us can pick up. Besides providing a healthy outdoor activity, gardening in your home can turn your living environment into something much more beautiful that it originally was, and can provide a wealth of things, both aesthetically pleasing and edible.

Choosing A Countertop That Is Right For You

Choosing a kitchen counter material can be an overwhelming task in the midst of a huge kitchen makeover. Before you select a material, try to decide what look you are going for. Scour magazines and take a trip to your local home improvement center to get an idea how each type of material will effect the overall style of the kitchen.

Control Flea Beetles Organically

Flea beetles are more of a nuisance than a threat to a healthy garden. But if found on seedlings they can kill the plants. On larger, well-established plants they do little harm. However, in corn and potatoes flea beetles can transmit serious diseases. Potato beetles may transmit early blight. Corn flea beetles can transmit a bacterium called Stewart’s Wilt.

How To Control Poison Ivy

Poison ivy is found throughout southern Canada and most of the United States except Alaska and Hawaii. It is readily found along road sides, fences, railroads, and streams. But it can also be found in your own back yard. It is planted there in bird droppings from the birds who eat the berries of the plant.

How To Attract Hummingbirds

Be a hummingbird magnet by having as much red in your backyard as possible. Besides flowers use gazing balls, backyard furniture, ribbons, and other yard decorations. Create both sun and shade areas in your hummingbird garden. Offer an abundance of nesting materials to encourage nesting females. Hummingbirds prefer downy like materials, spider webs, ferns, moss and lichens for their nests.

What To Look For When Picking Out A Carpet

Carpets are available in all styles and colors, but when shopping for carpeting, you should try to buy the best quality carpet for the money. Even if you are on a tight budget, don’t skimp on your carpeting or your carpet pad as quality products will last longer, wear better and even save you money in the long run!