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Finding The Best Outdoor Recreation For You

Where to go depends on the activity. Some people travel to crowded resort spots for some water-skiing or rafting. For them, it’s worth the expense and high population for the unique adrenalin rush of shooting down the rapids—or managing to stand up on their skis.

Outdoor Recreation Can Be Whatever You Make Of It

Outdoor recreation comes in many different forms. For many, it just means getting out to the backyard for some barbecue or a dip in the pool (or a spray from the water hose). For others, it means an intense back woods hike, with camping gear and backpacks to get you through the trip.

Take The Bite Out Of Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes have always been pesty visitors when it comes to summer enjoyment, but because of the West Nile virus, it has become critical that we do whatever we can to reduce the number of mosquitoes paying visits to our yards.

My Perfect Campsite

It’s the time of year to beat the heat and head for higher elevation. For many people that means loading up the RV, grabbing the boat and finding a campground by the lake. My idea for the perfect getaway means loading the truck with our camping gear and our two Labrador Retrievers and getting as far away from the pavement as we can get. While these two styles are quite different, they are both perfect. Let’s take a look at what makes a campsite perfect for me-and perhaps for you.

What To Know When Buying A GPS Unit

Why are GPS units showing up everywhere? You might find one in your rental car, on your wristwatch or even built into your wireless phone. Anti-theft systems use one, heavy construction equipment might use one and having one on your boat now seems to be a requirement. Anytime we want to know our exact location on the face of the Earth, the GPS becomes indispensable. Like many other technologies, feature rich GPS units are now affordable for the average person. So how do you know which one to purchase? Let’s look at few things to consider prior to buying your next GPS unit, but first, what is a GPS unit?

Keys To Responsible Recreation In The BackCountry

Having a good time is pretty high on everyone’s to do list, especially when surrounded by awesome views and super-awesome friends. We hike, bike, climb, camp, raft, fish, hunt, four-wheel, sleep and eat – among other things – in the backcountry. If not done properly, that’s a lot of wear and tear on our natural resources.

5 Tips For Successful Bird Watching

Can you name the number one spectator sport in North America? It’s not baseball, figure skating or racing. It’s bird watching. That’s right, more people are watching birds than football and hockey combined. With so many people hoping to see a bird they’ve never seen before, it’s not surprising to see a clamoring for the latest tips and tools to get the job done. Here are my top five tips for getting the most out of your birding experience.

Protect The Skin You’re In

Summer is approaching and thousands of people will be working on their tans before they whip out their shorts and swimsuits. However, improper skin care can cause permanent damage from the suns rays. Regardless of your skin type, it is very important to protect your skin. Here are some key tips to keep in mind this summer.