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Kitchen Cabinet Health

My kitchen cupboard rercently got a spruce up with collection of herbs and spices I’d never tried.  Knowing which ones to buy is the hard part.

Healthy Treats for Children, Pets, and Everyone

Want a healthy treat for your children AND your pets?  Read on for tips and a yummy recipe to try.

If I Can, You Can: How To Can Fruits And Vegetables

A simple urge to create and make things by hand is becoming an all around pervasive notion. We are rediscovering our past and redefining who we are in this culture. Canning fruits and vegetables is one of those lost techniques that Lisa Donovan has discovered. In her personal quest to break away from a culture of instant and modified food, she provides great tips, pictures and recipes on how to can your own food.

Cooking Can Help You Lose Weight

Today’s modern life discourages people from taking the time to prepare their own meals. Eating in the car and grabbing a quick bite in a restaurant are ever more popular ways of dining. It takes a little extra effort and time to cook your own food, but it’s a worthwhile pursuit that can benefit your health, wallet and family.

The Gift Of Cooking

Cooking is a great way to both bond with your kids and increase the nutritional content of your diet. Cooking fresh vegetables and meat, rather than heavily processed snack and fast food, can actually raise your level of life enjoyment and peak your enthusiasm about the daily grind.

Butter Fried Krispy Kreme Donuts

Several months ago I was visiting my grandmother in Kingsport, TN and discovered the most delicious food ever! I awoke one morning and found her frying a Krispy Kreme donut. My immediate response was, “that’s disgusting!” She told me to hold off until I had tasted it. She was right, it was the most delicious heart-stopping food I’d ever had. After one bite, all of the fancy desserts I’d eaten before had completely disappeared from my memory.

Two Great Pumpkin Recipes

Holiday seasons should be about sharing so here are two simple recipes I would like to give to you like they were given to me.

Interesting Chocolate Statistics

Just about everyone loves the sweet temptation of chocolates and candy. Here are some intriguing statistics and facts about candy and chocolate.