Best Books For Father’s Day

By: Fatherville picks the best books to give as Father's Day gifts

Babies don't come with operating manuals -- not that dads would read them if they did. But Mike Farrell, publisher of, recommends five books that all first-time dads should read.

"Dads aren't as likely to ask for advice as moms," says Farrell, who started the online community for dads because he wanted a place where real fathers could talk about their experiences. "These books make much better Father's Day gifts than a necktie because they help new dads become better fathers. That's a great gift to give."

Farrell recommends these new titles that teach and often offer a sense of humor:

The Guy's Guide to Surviving Pregnancy, Childbirth and the First Year of Fatherhood by Michael R. Crider (2005, Da Capo Press) A candid, down-to-earth, hysterical account of Crider's entry into fatherhood -- from pregnancy test to his son's first birthday.

In The Beginning...There Were No Diapers: Laughing and Learning In The First Years Of Fatherhood by Tim Bete (2005, Sorin Books) Reminiscent of Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck, Bete provides practical tips such as how to change a diaper in an airplane restroom and how to redecorate a kitchen using only condiments. A Parent-to-Parent Adding Wisdom award-winner.

Big Shoes: In Celebration of Dads and Fatherhood by Al Roker, Amy Rennert (2005, Hyperion) Bestselling author and beloved "Today" show personality Al Roker teams up with his celebrity friends to share personal thoughts, stories, and reflections on fathers and fatherhood. A heartwarming collection.

Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg, Jeannie Hayden (2004, Simon & Schuster) An indispensable survival manual for guys entering the trenches of fatherhood. Loaded with one-of-a-kind insights, MacGyver-esque tips and tricks, and no-nonsense advice for mastering the first year as a dad.

Johnson's Being A Dad by Peter Stanford, Johnson & Johnson (2004, DK Publishing) Detailed information on specific aspects of early childcare. Part of Johnson's Everyday Babycare series.

"These books are entertaining as well as educational, so dads will enjoy reading them," says Farrell. "They're the type of gift I'd like to get on Father's Day. But feel free to buy your dad power tools, too. After all, he is still a dad."

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