Mother’s Day: 5 Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Make A New Mom Happy

By: Stephanie Gallagher

Sure, you can call it a Hallmark holiday. But don't be fooled: Mother's Day is serious business. A big deal. Especially for new moms.

How do I know? Because I make my living surveying moms for my books. I ask them everything from which diaper bag they like best to how they handle meddling in-laws. And let me tell you, every new mom lives for Mother's Day.

Why? Because it's her one chance to feel cherished and appreciated for all she's done for her family.

Now, I'm about to reveal a secret so simple and so basic, you may not recognize how powerful it is. Don't be fooled. If you follow this advice, you are guaranteed to make any new mom happy on Mother's Day. All you have to do is give her something that makes her life easier or makes her feel cherished.

Here are my top five picks:

  1. A good night's sleep.

    To a new mom, eight uninterrupted hours of sleep are worth more than anything that could come in a box from Tiffany. Give her coupons for ten good nights of sleep (they don't have to be used consecutively), and she'll be forever grateful.

    If she's nursing, make sure she pumps breast milk in advance, so you can handle the nighttime feedings. And do whatever you can to ensure she has quiet surroundings. You may even suggest she move to another room if she finds it hard to sleep through nighttime crying.

  2. New mom jewelry.

    New moms love jewelry that features baby charms, baby shoes, moms holding babies, etc. I recommend Lucy Ann products because they're adorable, they can be personalized, and they're reasonably priced.

  3. Maid service for a month.

    For the neat freak who is just too exhausted to do it all herself, this is the perfect gift. It may not seem romantic, but she'll love the fact that you're thinking of her needs.

  4. A personal chef or a post-baby casserole shower.

    The last thing a new mom has time for is cooking, but you still have to eat something for dinner every night. If you can afford it, hire a personal chef to cook and store two weeks' worth of meals in your freezer. Go to for referrals.

    If finances won't permit that luxury, ask friends or relatives to throw her a post-baby casserole shower. Each friend or relatives makes a casserole that can be frozen and re-heat as needed.

  5. A memory.

    Memory-savers like scrapbooks, baby pictures and photo gifts are always a hit with new moms. If she likes scrapbooking, get her a gift certificate to her favorite craft or scrapbooking store.

    If she's a digital photography fan, Shutterfly offers prepaid print plans and portrait packages from $24. Or have a photo quilt made at Personal Creations or a hand-drawn pencil sketch or watercolor done from one of your baby photos at My DaVinci.

Stephanie Gallagher is Author of The Gallagher Guide to the Baby Years: The Real Mom's Survey of Top-Rated Products and Advice. She reveals her insider shopping secrets in her ezine, The Shopping Mom's Weekly Tip. To subscribe and get a free cookbook, send a blank email to

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