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Planting and maintaining a garden in your home is one of the best hobbies that any of us can pick up. Besides providing a healthy outdoor activity, gardening in your home can turn your living environment into something much more beautiful that it originally was, and can provide a wealth of things, both aesthetically pleasing and edible.

No matter if you live in a 5 bedroom house or a small NYC apartment, beginning a garden in your home is a great way to make your living space into a place to dream. Exotic and tropical plants can sit next to a functional herb garden: almost anything you can think of can be done.

The home garden is like a palette for your color preferences, but it doesn't have to be just visually pleasing. Tasty fresh herbs are one of the easiest things to grow, even on a fire escape garden, and will spice up your cooking to no end.

If you have a larger house, consider planting some fruit and vegetables. My father grows both tomatoes and lemons in his backyard, and when they are ripe there is nothing better. A freshly picked tomato can be popped right into your mouth, or turned into a pasta sauce or south of the border style salsa. With the lemons we made lemonade, and nothing has ever quenched my thirst so well.

But the home garden is something else: it is your own personal statement, and you can put whatever you want into it. Studies have shown that gardening at home is a great way to both relieve stress and promote a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Forming a home garden is a great way to spend time with your kids. At a recent display at a very small farm right in the heart of urban Brooklyn, I watched as monitors guided parents and their children on a hunt for the ripest tomatoes, the freshest cilantro and peppers, and the fattest onions. Then everyone got together and made a salsa that was to die for.

Indeed, getting in touch with your kids through an activity that you can all share is one of the best pats about a home garden.

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