Food Lover’s Guide To New Jersey

By: Peter Genovese

Reviewed By: Jennifer A. Wickes

Food Lover's Guide To New Jersey
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A small guide to a lot of the food paradises available in New Jersey written by a native.

Peter Genovese is a writer for The Star-Ledger, a newspaper based in Newark, New Jersey. He has two regular columns: "The Munchmobile" series, as well as "Eat With Pete". He has authored a total of six books, four of which are about New Jersey.

New Jersey is not all that most people think. Yes, it is one of the smallest US states, being 47th in size, yet 9th in population. Also, yes, New Jersey is known for chemical products, electrical equipment and being a suburb of New York City. But did you know that New Jersey is also known as the "Garden State"? That New Jersey also relies on tourism and their agriculture as part of their economy? Anyone who has lived in New Jersey or has travelled here a lot knows about Jersey tomatoes, their wonderful fresh seafood and how New Jersey has the best diners, and even makes award winning wines!

The book is divided into four sections: North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey and the Jersy Shore. Each of these sections has information on numerous delicious places to find the food of New Jersey, such as Made Here; Specialty Stores & Markets; Farmers' Markets; Farm & Farm Stands; Food Happenings; Learn To Cook; Learn About Wine; Landmark Eateries; Brewpubs & Microbreweries; and Wine Trails.

There are no photographs in this guide, only drawings. The book is easy-to-read as it lists establishments and gives a brief overview. There are no complicated terms to embrace, just the facts. The author has even included some recipes from a few of the establishments in this book, such as: Garden State Seafood Salad and Strawberries with Creme Anglais.

Unless you are a collector of food guides, this book is really only for people who visit New Jersey, have a summer home here or live here.

Jennifer A. Wickes is a freelance food writer, researcher and cookbook reviewer. She has written several eBooks, and has had numerous articles and recipes in printed publications, as well as on- line. She is working on her first cookbook. For more information about Jennifer or her work, please visit her home page:

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