Wacky Races The Complete Series

By: Hanna-Barbera

Reviewed By: Alyice Edrich

Wacky Races The Complete Series
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The Wacky Races are simple, no frills cartoons filled with clean comical relief. You won't find high tech video technology, but you will find clean humor and a few laughs as Dick Dastardly tries ever- so-hard to win the races with schemes that always backfire. And you can't help but find yourself giggling every time his dog, Muttley, snickers because Dastardly's scheme has once again backfired.

The storyline remains the same in every episode. The same contestants compete against each other in a race to the finish line—a race where anything goes. There's no real plot and no storyline; just a group of racers doing whatever in takes to win the race.

Perhaps it's the nostalgia of a childhood long gone, or perhaps it's the joy of watching my own child giggle and find joy in a cartoon I once enjoyed as a child. Whatever the reason, you'll want to take a step back in time and watch the Wacky Races.

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