Which Products Do You Best Identify With?

By: Jon Henshaw, M.A.

Which products do you identify with? Which products help you make a statement about who you are? Do your products show your uniqueness or do they simply prove to other people that youíre part of the in crowd?

I think that Volkswagen (any Volkswagen) best describes who I am. I want to be a cool, young Gen-Xer. Iím so well off that I can afford this overpriced German car and still look good picking up stinky furniture off the road. Perhaps itís because I canít afford to eat, let alone buy furniture (because of my car payment).

When I want to make a statement, I drink Pepsi. Pepsi commercials are always cutting edge, and I canít afford to not be a part of Generation Next! Pepsi allows me to make a statement like no other product can. The sugar gives me the energy to do the latest sports (trends). The caffeine helps keep my heart on edge just long enough, so I donít fall asleep watching late night infomercials. Pepsi helps me stay on top of my world, although I canít figure out why Iím gaining so much weight. Itís not like thereís any fat in Pepsi.

Tommy Hilfiger makes me unique and allows me to fit in. The great thing about Tommy Hilfiger is that they make their logo gigantic on almost all of their clothes. People are sure to see that I have expensive taste and that Iím one of a kind. I can also fit into the crowd too. Fortunately, Tommy Hilfiger also makes most of their handsome clothes with the colors red, white and blue. Thereís no way I can go wrong with this color combination.

Now, I want to know which products you best identify with. Send your comments to jon@familyresource.com. After all, without products, who would we be?

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