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Getting Kids Back to Nature

Today’s children spend little or no time outside. Children’s physical activity specialist Rae Pica offers her advice on getting your kids outdoors.

Toddling Twins

Raising children is definitely not an easy task and parenting twins is an even more difficult job. Explore your choices before you get to the point where you totally just want to give up. Do you have friends or relatives who are willing to give you a break maybe once a week? What about a playgroup or a mother’s morning out program?

The Value Of Play

Isn’t it ironic that a country whose constitution allows for the pursuit of happiness now feels a collective guilt about the very idea of anything fun? How did this happen? When did we begin placing so much priority on productivity and so little on leisure or on having a good time? Even given the Puritan work ethic, life in America has become so unbalanced that one side of the seesaw is pretty much grounded.

Summer Anti-Boredom List

Before summer vacation turns into a boredom fest, sit down as a family and make a summer anti-boredom list. Write down a mixture of long overdue chores that you’ve been meaning to get done, along with goals and dreams that you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Sanity In The Summer – Is It Possible?

Parents across the country are gearing up for the inevitable… the last day of school. I personally am looking forward to a much-needed break from the long drive to and from school each day, packing lunches, getting stains out of school uniforms, and the nickel-and-diming of school fundraisers. Of course, I always am looking forward to the last day of school by this time each spring.