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The Real Gift of Parenting

Parenting is an ongoing process of healthy sacrifice: the sacrifice of attention, time, energy, money, personal agendas, and all the activities we would prefer to do if we were not parenting.

Letting Go

By the end of the day, I feel frazzled and chock full of pent up feelings and thoughts. I don’t want to let all that out on my kids or my husband – and I hate it when I do – so do you know any ways to get rid of this stuff without exploding?!

Finding Your Footing

It’s really natural to feel pulled in a million directions when you’re a mother. And, unfortunately, some important goals or needs of yours can get pushed to the back burner indefinitely.

Taking In The Good Stuff

I get to the end of a long day and I feel just used up and sort of empty . . . You, like every mother – and many fathers, too – put out so much during the day that it’s easy to get depleted: more is going out than is coming back in. And after awhile, it is natural to feel like you are running on empty.

Mothers And PMS

While it’s not going to put you in the hospital – though the prospect of that kind of rest may sometimes sound pretty good! – PMS can have a significant impact on your mood, sense of worth, irritability, and relationships many days a month. But happily, there’s a lot you can do about it.

Self-Awareness For Kids And Grownups

Sometimes I’m with my kids (or driving in traffic or talking to my husband or…) and suddenly I’ll start feeling angry or frustrated or sad—and I don’t understand where that came from. Other times, our preschooler will just start lashing out but he can’t say what’s bothering him. Any ideas?

Translating Mom-Speak and Dad-Speak

In relationships, women generally tend to focus on feeling connected, while men are sensitive to status and dominance. For instance, a mother could think her husband will welcome her knowledge because he wants to come together with her in raising their children. Yet he could interpret her parenting tips as condescending or controlling.

Low Carbs for Mothers

The key is the low-carb diet that is so often in the news these days. It’s the diet we’re designed for through millions of years of evolution. During almost all that time, there was no consumption of grains, milk products, or refined sugar. People very similar to us ate mostly animal proteins, vegetables, and nuts. Basically, that’s the low carb diet. Here’s how to do it…