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Overprotective Parenting

Often, parents live vicariously through their children, usually without being aware that they are doing it. They over-function, or are overprotective, and view their children as an extension of themselves. Parents, who have the financial means, may take the extra step of hiring personalized athletic trainers, send their kids to endless sports camps, and hire sports psychologists hoping to give their child the needed edge to gain sports notoriety.

Parenting Through Logical Consequences

Good parenting involves teaching children that there are consequences for a lack of follow-through. When children are doing poorly in a class at school and parents attempt to change the instructional environment, they are ignoring the use of logical consequences. When a child calls his mother from school because he forgot his lunch or project, the mother teaches the child dependency by bailing him out. When a parent wakes a child from sleep without teaching him how to use an alarm clock, he teaches his child to be manipulative. Poor parenting also occurs when a father or mother provides a child with an allowance without any expectations regarding household responsibilities.

Parenting With Different Styles

When couples marry and decide to have children, they’re sometimes surprised to find their partner has very different ideas on how to raise and discipline their children. How we choose to parent usually comes from how our own parents behaved towards us. We often want to do the same thing, or in some cases, the complete opposite.

What Parenting Style Is Best?

Parenting style refers to how a parent behaves around their children. A parenting style isn’t determined by individual events, like a moment of conflict. Instead, it’s defined by the overall demeanor that a parent has when they are engaging their children.

8 Essential Parental Responsibilities

The following outline provides eight essential responsibilities that parents must adhere to in order to foster their child’s physical and/or emotional well-being.

Can Kids Talk To An Angry Dad?

Fathers aren’t the only ones guilty of angry outbursts, but they have more than their fair share. In the case of many fathers, impatience and anger surface when they’re faced with situations that feel “out of control.” Men feel most comfortable when there’s a sense of control. When they’re at work, they feel comfort from a familiar atmosphere that stresses a “bottom line mentality.” At home, this mentality fails miserably, because it doesn’t address the question that’s really important for families: “What does my family need?”

10 Tips To Happier Parenting

Parenting is the toughest job there is. But it is also the most rewarding. Many parents get mired down in the day-to- day difficulties in raising children and they lose the joy. Being a parent can be the happiest time of your life and the following tips will help you to regain that joy.

When Your Children Come From Different Planets

Sometimes?as in the case of my own two children, and in the case of my sister and my brother?the differences are so profound one might think they grew up not just in different families, but on different planets.