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Fitness as a Means of Developing Youth Athletes

There are many factors that make up a quality athlete. Some factors are unchangeable genetic factors. Others require years of work on skills and knowledge of the sport.

Problems In Youth Sports

Can participating in competitive sports at too young of an age have a negative effect on our children and their future in sports?

The Recruiting Process: How to Protect and Help Your Athlete

Highly visible sought-after recruits receive heavy attention from college coaches, the media, boosters, and others that can make the recruiting process very straining on the recruit, their family, and even the high school coach.

How Parents Can Choose the Proper Little League Coach for Their Child

Before parents just sign their kids up for little league, they need to do some research on the coach. Little league could negatively or positively impact a son or daughter and most of the time the initial impact is made by the coach. Imagine your ten year old trying to stretch a single into a double and unfortunately they get thrown out. You would expect the child to receive encouragement from his coach for good hustle and aggressive behavior, but what if, they didn’t. What if, instead of congratulating the athlete for his or her efforts, the coach starts yelling and screaming at the ten year old for poor judgment. How can you as parents spot a good coach from a bad coach?

Playing The Sporting Game

Softball, soccer, basketball, horseback riding, swimming, hockey, or volleyball ? the sport doesn’t matter. The guidelines for parents remain the same. To show support for your child while encouraging and teaching, consider the following…

Girls Need Sports Too!

If a girl does not play a sport by the time that they turn eight, she may not ever do so. So, what is a parent to do to motivate them to become active and healthy?

Lessons in Baseball

As an 11-year-old, I was addicted to baseball. I listened to baseball games on the radio. I watched them on TV. The books I read were about baseball. I took baseball cards to church in hopes of trading with other baseball card junkies. My fantasies? All about baseball.

Children and Sports

Sports help children develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn to play as a member of a team, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem. American sports culture has increasingly become a money making business. The highly stressful, competitive, “win at all costs” attitude prevalent at colleges and with professional athletes affects the world of children’s sports and athletics; creating an unhealthy environment.