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Navigating the Turbulence of Adolescence

Life can be difficult, particularly for adolescents. Many young people navigate the turbulent years of adolescence and emerge into adulthood reasonably unscathed. Too many youngsters, however, feel stuck, confused and alienated. To complicate matters, they don’t feel like they have the inner resources to climb out of the mire. These youngsters are socially and emotionally “at-risk”. They may suffer from such painful symptoms as anxiety, depression or anger, and all of the self-destructive behavior patterns which follow. Often, a vicious cycle of frustration and failure begins.

Helping Your Kids Avoid Comparing

Parents need to teach their children self-confidence. Those who are self-confident resist the urge to compare themselves to other people, and do not elevate others’ experience while diminishing their own. But some people may have a mantra signified by the slogan, if only.

Parental Involvement, Social Understanding, Protect Teens From Violence

In some urban neighborhoods, teenagers witness an alarming amount of violence, including watching someone being attacked, wounded or killed. Studies find that witnessing such events can increase the likelihood that teens will engage in violent behavior themselves, thereby continuing “the cycle of violence” in their communities.

Successful Summer Tips for Your Teen

Looking for something productive for your teens to do this summer? Consider the following ideas…

Parenting the Teenage Driver: A Model Contract

Establish with the teenager, in advance, your firm determination to reach an agreement prior to their driving.? You must be willing to state (and mean) that you will not allow the teen to drive until an agreement is reached and signed.? State this…and then be willing to ride out the storm of teenage protest.

Normal Adolescent Development

Parents are often worried or confused by changes in their teenagers. The following information should help parents understand this phase of development. Each teenager is an individual with a unique personality and special interests, likes and dislikes. However, there are also numerous developmental issues that everyone faces during the adolescent years.

When Children Have Children

Babies born in the U.S. to teenage mothers are at risk for long-term problems in many major areas of life, including school failure, poverty, and physical or mental illness. The teenage mothers themselves are also at risk for these problems.

Helping Your Teen Become A Safe Driver

A driver’s license is one of the biggest status symbols among high school students. Getting a driver’s license is not only a social asset but it makes the adolescent feel more independent than ever before. Parents no longer have to do the driving – the teen can get places on his or her own.