Charlie and Grace

I’ve always appreciated small businesses with unique ideas and people who are passionate about what they do. Charlie and Grace are that type of small business. The origins of their business date back to the third grade, where the two owners met and formed a friendship that has lasted through childhood and now into motherhood twice over. Their product lines focus on babies and women, which gave them the idea to name it after their firstborn children.


People are finding new and interesting ways to implement social bookmarking services. BoppaLinks has entered into this area by creating a parenting oriented directory powered by parents themselves.

Parent Hacks

Parent Hacks describes a hack as a workaround, a jerry-rig, a clever, pragmatic answer to a problem. Parents are some of the best hackers, because raising kids requires on-your-feet thinking and frequent improvisation. Parent Hacks converted this clever idea into an incredibly useful website. The website chose a weblog model to present its content. This model allows Parent Hacks to create a collaborative environment where visitors can engage with, and contribute to, its content.

Arts-N-Kids Club

Arts-n-Kids Club has officially opened for business, providing even the busiest and least creative parents with an easy way to bring arts and crafts into their children�s lives—and to spend more quality time with their children. An off-shoot of Brilliant Kids, a retail store and creative play studio in Wadsworth, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland), the Arts-n-Kids website sells monthly arts and crafts kits, full of everything children need—from glue to instructions to paintbrushes—to make four crafts projects.

The Stepfamily Talk Radio Network

The Stepfamily Talk Radio Network is a network of concerned organizations and individuals—they call them partners—who bring innovative radio programming to parents who are divorced or separated, remarried, or who plan on combining families.

Sites For Parents

What if you could take hundreds of websites for parents, and allow regular users to decide which sites were the most popular? Sites For Parents has done just that. They offer hundreds of websites rated by popularity. When you visit their website, they show websites that are ranked from number one to twenty five. You can quickly glance at the total In and Out links, and decide for yourself if you want to visit the website.

The Classic Life Family Magazine

The Classic Life Magazine’s goal is to provide its readers with timely, easy-to-access information that will offer not only entertainment value, but also provide them a place to research and discuss issues of importance in their lives (free of any inappropriate content).

PAX: Real Solutions To Gun Violence

PAX works to bring an end to the gun violence epidemic in America—an epidemic that kills 8 children every day. Through innovative public health campaigns, PAX promotes practical, non-political solutions that all Americans can embrace—solutions that help protect our families and children and work immediately to save lives.

PUT (Parents Uniting Together)

In a culture where traditional folkways seem to be changing everyday, and bad influences on children are at an all time high, it can be extremely difficult for parents to manage the unruly behavior of their children. In response to this reality, a group of parents decided to get together and form a support group called PUT (Parents Uniting Together).

Active Parenting

Active Parenting Publishers, Inc., was founded in 1980 by Dr. Michael H. Popkin, a former child and family therapist and Coordinator of Child and Family Services for Northside Community Mental Health Centers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mark Brandenburg

Mark’s website is a treasure trove of articles and resources for fathers. He also has books and audio CDs that he’s developed to help fathers learn the actions and techniques to produce a better, closer relationship with their children.

The Old Schoolhouse – Homeschool Magazine And Resource

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