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Separation Anxiety

The key to managing separation anxiety involves changing the interactional pattern for the child and family. What are some factors that intensify the problem of separation anxiety and what can be done about it?

When Children Lie

One of the perpetual problems that many parents face is lying by their children. Parents will often personalize this problem and view it as a sign that their children lack respect for them. Parents may also believe that their parental authority is being undermined when their children distort the truth.

Spare The Child, Ditch The Rod

Kids who are spanked occasionally aren’t ruined for life. But spanking isn’t necessary to discipline a child. Not when a little self-control and a little creativity is considered.

When Your Children Grant You Your Dismissal Papers

As parents, we try to hang on during this transitional period, and a tug for power and control ensues. Even though a parent may be aware of the reasons for this process of conflict, it still may be difficult for a parent to accept.

When Kids Can’t Have What They Want

How to respond when the wants of parents and children differ is one of The Big Questions of parenting. Things usually go well when parents and kids want the same things—problems start when they don’t!

What To Do When Your Child Is Stealing

One of the more common problems that we as parents encounter, but that nobody likes to talk about, is what to do when your child steals. There are a number of different reasons a child steals and a number of different ways to handle the problem.

Behavioral Strategy: Avoid The Grey Areas And Deal Only With Black And White

Are you often a participant in an unraveling parent-child interaction? Well you’re not alone. Interactions between parents and their children often transgress before our eyes.

Please Don’t Go: Alleviating Separation Anxiety

The separation process can be difficult for all involved. Separation anxiety is the conflicting feelings that children have when they part from the person or people to whom they are most attached. At the end of the school year, many children experience anxiety when saying goodbye to teachers and classmates. Many experience it again at the end of the summer when it’s time to go back to school.