Charlie and Grace

I've always appreciated small businesses with unique ideas and people who are passionate about what they do. Charlie & Grace are that type of small business. The origins of their business date back to the third grade, where the two owners met and formed a friendship that has lasted through childhood and now into motherhood twice over. Their product lines focus on babies and women, which gave them the idea to name it after their firstborn children.

Charlie & Grace started selling their unique baby and mom products back in May 2003. Their baby line of blankets and burp cloths comes directly from their "mom" experiences, and their hope is that you'll find them fun, tasteful and—most important—functional. Their line of women's belts extends the concept of fun, tasteful, and functional to an adult audience. Their imaginative accessories also stand out in their sophistication and hand-crafted quality.

Their online store features handmade baby blankets and burp cloths and hand-crafted fine fabric and grosgrain belts made with cotton, silk, wool, denim, and velvet for women and children. They also provide select individual items or coordinated gift sets.

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