Healthline is the fastest and easiest way to find, understand and manage information about consumer health. Their mission is to empower health information seekers by providing them with an innovative and unique guided search experience - one based on trust, comprehensiveness, contextual relevancy, personalization, and interactivity.

Healthline History

Healthline was founded in 1999 as by James Norman, M.D., whose vision was to use the Internet to offer consumers the most accurate, relevant healthcare information available. During this time, the company retained the services of more than 1,100 physicians, specialists and medical editors to write and edit original consumer-oriented information focusing on diseases and conditions. These medical professionals helped develop the two components that form the foundation of a medical taxonomy to organize the content, including an 800,000-word synonym database to map everyday language to medical terminology; and HealthMaps, visual tools designed to provide information in a map format to help users navigate through the many different aspects of a disease or condition.

In 2002, the company introduced its first version of the Healthline search platform on Merck & Company's MerckSource website, and has subsequently powered enterprise-level applications for PacifiCare, Henry Ford Hospital and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, among others. The company was re-launched as Healthline in October 2005, offering consumers the first-ever medically guided search engine.

How Healthline is Different

Unlike general purpose search engines, Healthline only searches the top health sites on the Web, so users receive precise and relevant health information without having to sift through pages of unnecessary and unrelated results. Healthline's search technology comprehends the words and phrases used in both the medical and non-medical worlds — for example, a search for "brittle bone disease" will also return results for "Osteogenesis Imperfecta", its medical equivalent.

Healthline puts the information into context — their Medically Guided Search approach combines the collective knowledge of over 1,100 doctors with advanced technology to provide search results and concept-based information, including HealthMaps and search refinement tools created and maintained by a team of medical informatics professionals. Healthline also offers features such as Health Channels, which serve as great starting points for users who wish to browse information, and member tools that give users the ability to search Healthline from anywhere on the Web and save (and tag) any page into a Healthline account.

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