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Americans today are constantly struggling with the issue of health insurance. While every other modern industrialized nation in the world has an effective system of national healthcare that can adequately provide the basic care that every human being needs and deserves, Americans are still forced to manage their health with the help of large insurance companies that are making prices higher and basic healthcare less available to everyone. The result is that more and more Americans are uninsured and health insurance is becoming less and less affordable for everyone.

If you do not have adequate health insurance for your family, you may find yourself in a world of fear where every time your child coughs you are suddenly afraid to let her out of bed.

Do not let a lack of adequate health insurance prevent you and your family from being taken care of. At this point, it is important to note that full-time employment is often the only way to receive affordable health insurance coverage. When applying for a job, make sure to ask questions about the health benefits provided. Request — and read — a copy of the company's health insurance policy for employees in the same department and salary range that you plan to work in.

Also, let potential employers know that health benefits are a crucial part of your decision-making process. If the company is aware of how important affordable health insurance benefits are to its potential employees — not to mention the company's future — there will be more of an effort to provide for the future by making health insurance possible now.

If you are already employed in a company that does not provide its employees with healthcare benefits or offer inadequate or unaffordable insurance, then you actually can do something about it: complain. Your employers should make health insurance more accessible to you if they realize that it is an issue that affects the company's ability to retain your services as a qualified employee.

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