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The current health care system in the United States has made it very difficult for many people to find a way to pay for health insurance. The laws passed over recent years have freed many employers from having to provide health insurance to their employees.

Many people, in fact, are looking for health insurance without a clear idea of where to begin. Many companies that do not actually provide their employees with health insurance as part of compensation do offer a company plan that employees can choose to pay into.

Employees would do well to compare their company's offer to that of other companies they've found independently. The quality of plans offered by an employer will vary widely based on the employer. Company employees — and anyone looking for health insurance — should also determine if they qualify for state or federal aid.

Unfortunately, federal health insurance eligibility is often difficult to determine — web access to this type of information has improved the situation, but many people will find the provided information hard to understand. Therefore it can be helpful to consult local government offices that have staff willing to help explain eligibility requirements.

Before signing any plan, people should check the co-pay required by their company for doctor's office and hospital visits — as well the optometrist, dentist, and other specialists. Additionally, coverage for specialist procedures or supplies may vary.

For example, some optometrist plans will cover a new pair of glasses every year, while others may require patients to wait two years between new pairs. Some plans do not include these types of treatment at all — so be sure to put your glasses on and read the fine print.

Besides determining the co-pay and covered treatments, patients should also find out about their plan's maximum benefits allowance. A higher maximum benefits allowance is obviously desirable, but patients may be forced to weigh this against other factors when choosing a plan.

Coverage for children and families will also vary from plan to plan, so if employees encounter a plan that doesn't offer very good value for a family they may want to consider looking elsewhere.

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