What to Do When You’re Sad and Lonely: A Guide for Kids

By: Dr. James J. Crist

Reviewed By: Jon Henshaw, M.A.

What to Do When You're Sad and Lonely: A Guide for Kids
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Growing up can be a difficult experience, especially during times when you feel sad and lonely. Those experiences can happen at any time, and are usually triggered by a friend moving away, being teased or bullied at school, or worrying about a loved one. Sometimes it can even happen without knowing the reasons why.

Dr. James J. Crist, a psychologist who has helped lots of kids who are sad, lonely, grieving, and depressed, has developed a self-help guide for kids entitled, "What to Do When You're Sad and Lonely." In the guide, he shares some of the information, techniques, and resources that have helped hundreds of his young patients deal with sadness, grief, depression, bipolar disorder, and even suicidal thoughts.

Many parents are unaware of how prevalent these feelings are in their children. However, research shows that it's a serious issue that affects a good portion of our youth.

Part 1 of What to Do when You're Sad and Lonely focuses on feelings of sadness and loneliness that most kids have at one time or another.

Part 2 focuses on deeper feelings of sadness and loneliness — ones that are too hard to handle alone. If you have some of the problems described in chapters 5-9, please talk to a family adult right away. You may need the help of a counselor or doctor who can identify your problem and suggest solutions.

The book uses real-life examples to explain the difference between "normal" sadness and more serious disorders. Kids leave armed with helpful solutions to help "bust the blues" and "untwist" their thinking. It offers both children and parents advice, resources, and hope to get them back on the road to happiness.

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